Euclidean Rhythms

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what do you recommend as the best free Midi Euclidean Rhythms Generator plugin?

[I use Ardour 6.9.0 on Ubuntu 18.04]


Hi Atux,
This could be helpful Music Pattern Generator v2.1 - YouTube

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I installed the .deb on Ubuntu 18.04. It’s a great app.
The output works fine, first I tried it with Qsynth, and it works fine. Then I tried to enter it as input in Ardour6 in MIDI tracks, one processor per channel, with the appropriate connections in QjackCtl. Here, too, everything seems to work very well.

Instead I have a problem with the input: I tried to use an external MIDI keyboard to control the pitches, following the user guide exactly. When I press some keys on the keyboard, in “assignments” I see the numbers of the MIDI notes changing, so this means that the MIDI messages enter correctly.

To actually use the remote control, I exit MIDI Learn mode. But they have no effect on the processor, which continues to play its initial fixed note which remains unchanged.
I’m probably doing something wrong.

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I just notice to this app. Its very cool!!! thanks !!! i hope that run on firefox too asap!

Frankly, if it was me, I’d get Cardinal or Rack running as plugin inside Ardour, and use one of the many Euclidean sequencer modules, then connect the output from that module to a CV->MIDI module and use the output inside Ardour.


Good idea!

Two of the easiest modules to use that are included in Cardinal are Eugene and Polygene

It occured to me that I wouldn’t even route the MIDI out of Rack/Cardinal. I’d just use the plugin hosting module for either, and deliver it directly to the recursively hosted sound generator (which could also not be plugin, but instead something built out of Rack/Cardinal modules).

The app needs WebMIDI to run. Firefox 99 and later has experimental support which is not enabled by default.
If you search for “MIDI” on the about:config page there is dom.webmidi.enabled field which is “false” by default, and a dom.webmidi.gated which is “true” by default. I’m not sure about the gated field, but at least the webmidi.enabled field needs to be changed to “true.”

I have not checked that yet, but the app works in Chromium (as well as Chrome). The stand alone app build just packages the Chromium engine with all the JS files so you don’t have to start Chromium and navigate to the web page.

Anyone know of other interesting stand alone native MIDI apps? I played around with MPG a little, connecting to both Yoshimi on Linux, as well as my hardware synthesizers. Setting up a virtual modular synth with a pattern module then a virtual CV-to-MIDI converter just to drive my hardware synths seems a bit cumbersome.

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thanks!!! yeahhhh I do enable the midi support via about:config and generate a site permission addon for and the webapp work like a charm! so i confirm that run on firefox v100

I playing with qsynth/fluidsynth and work fine,… then i will test using my casio keyboard.
very nice app!

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