ESI Maya 44 USB Linux Compatibility


i want to buy a new sound card for a mobil environment. Since i have special requirements (external USB sound card, minimum 4 channel simultaneous recording, linux compatible in particular jackd and ardour).

Currently I am testing the Lexicon Omega. Its working flawless under JAD 1.0 (Jack Audio Distribution). But it needs an extra 9V AC power supply, which can not be replaced with a 9V DC power supply (battery power). Hence it is difficult to use in my application scenario.

Now i am thinking of purchasing the ESI Maya 44 USB. Have anyone have experinces with this device?
Is it working in linux?

I have already search the internet for linux compatibility. But there are only old forum threads (Jan 2006) reporting problems.
Are these problems fixed in current linux distros?

The status of this device on the alsa homepage is currently “under devolpment”. Since the Lexicon Omega is even not listed there and nevertheless working, i hope that the Maya 44 USB is working under linux.

Maybe your guys have recommendations for another sound device.

Thank you for advice!


I had Maya 44 usb some years ago. Playback and recording was ok. I’m not sure but I remember I was able to record only two channels with jack, not four. Also, this card has no mixer in the drivers, so you can’t set the recording levels at all. If you use alsamixer only thing you can do is set the monitoring levels. That’s why I was so happy when somebody wanted to buy my Maya 44 usb…

In Win or Mac this card has no problems, drivers provide good mixer.

M-audio Fast Track Ultra gives you 4 mic inputs and also input knobs but I don’t know if it works in linux.

I’d prefer firewire, not usb. For example, Presonus Firebox is a very good choice. I have the “big brother” Presonus FP10 and it works without problems. I managed to use it with 2ms latency in Ubunty Feisty.

I have had Maya 44 USB for several days recently, but I wouldn’t recommend this device. OK, it has worked out of the box, I’ve heard the sound, but like it was said in the previous post there has been no ALSA mixer settings for porticular inputs/outputs. I haven’t managed to get my internet mic working with it (probably because of no amplifier).
The device does not have any hardware knobs, so without a driver supporting such settings there’s no use to buy it for Linux.

I’ve decided to have spent more money on a sound card - I’ve bought firewire Edirol FA-66. I’ve been very satisfied with this choice so far :slight_smile: