Hi all,
I know that it’s not proper forum for asking my question. I decide to ask because here are some people who have cards with Chipset Ice 1724 and who for sure know how to solve the problem.
My problem is that captured with IEC958 doesn’t work.
I’ve tried kernels: 2.6.31 2.6.34 2.6.35 2.6.36
I use alsa version: 1.0.23
I found some solvations in the Internet but unfortunately all of them don’t work for example configuration .asound.rc:

pcm.ice_spdif { type plug slave.pcm { type hw card 0 device 0 } }

The other way I’ve tried was using the change of name in .astatehowever (what’s obvious) after alsactl restore. I’ve heard that exists patch but I can’t find it and I don’t know with what kind of versions of kernel it cooperates.
Please write how (I hope that there are some ways and one of them finally will work for me) did you solve that problem.