Escapes Album on Ardour + Sunvox

Album Escapes

This album was totally produced with open source software.

Albun produced, recorded, played, mixed and finalized by Gennaro Giugliano aka Pierecall in his Home Studio in Naples (Italy)

Operating System: Debian Stretch 9 with repository kxstudio 14.04.5 lts

Hardware used: Yamaha dx7 mk1 (audio recording and midi data) Akm 322 Midiplus Master key - Computer Imac 24 (3 giga ram, 1 terabyte hd, duo core duo 2.4 ghz) - Sound card. Lexicon Alpha usb, Monitor Esi near 05 ex

Tracks 1-2-3 were made with Ardour 5.12 using: Ams Synth, Yoshimi Synth, Harrison Gverb +, Xhip Synth, Synister Synth, Zynsubadd fx synth, Dexed Synth, Calf Reverb. Tracks 4-5-6-7 were made in Sunvox 1.9.2 and Sunvox 1.9.3, using only the tools and effects included in it.
Ocenaudio for finalizing editing and exporting tracks in wav and flac format

–°lassy pleasant sound!
(Linux is a power! :slight_smile:

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