Error VST3 (This plugin has been replciated 2 times)

Just I’m able to hear effect in left side and plugin got an (*) inside. Help please.


The asterisk indicates that you have added a mono plugin to a stereo track/bus.

Ardour replicates the plugin (really loading two instances) to match and copies settings.
This does not always work properly with all plugins or can lead to artifacts.

The underlying issue here however is a missing feature: Ardour does not yet support variable I/O VST3 plugins that by default are mono and only optionally stereo (the other way around works). Support for this is planned in a future version.

If there is also a VST2 variant, you can meanwhile use that instead. (see also Preferences > Plugins > VST > Conceal VST2 Plugin if matching VST3 exists).

Thx. I will use the VST2 that works

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