Error running Yabridge with Kubuntu 22.04 and Wine9.4

I am trying to get VST3 plugins working in Ardour 8.4 running in Linux Kubuntu 22.04. I installed Wine 9.4 (Staging), and that went OK. I set up the .wine/dive_C/Program Files/Common Files/VST3, and installed the plugin I want to use into it. I then downloaded and setup Yabridge 5.1.0.
When I run ~/.local/share/yabridge/yabridgectl sync command I get:
Setting up VST2 and VST3 plugins using:
- /home/paul/.local/share/yabridge/
- /home/paul/.local/share/yabridge/
Finished setting up 1 plugins using copies (0 new), skipped 0 non-plugin .dll files
Warning: Could not run ‘yabridge-host.exe’. Wine reported the following error:

  • 0118:err:virtual:virtual_setup_exception stack overflow 2240 bytes addr 0x6fffffc789d8 stack 0x20740 (0x20000-0x21000-0x120000)*
  •    Make sure that you have downloaded the correct version of yabridge for your distro.*
  • This can also happen when using a version of Wine that’s not compatible with this version of yabridge, in which*
  • case you’ll need to upgrade Wine. Your current Wine version is ‘9.4 (Staging)’. See the link below for*
  • instructions on how to upgrade your installation of Wine.*
  • GitHub - robbert-vdh/yabridge: A modern and transparent way to use Windows VST2, VST3 and CLAP plugins on Linux*

Does anyone know how I can fix this?
Many thanks.

You should downgrade wine, as the yabridge maintainer suggests, make sure you can get things working, and then go back to trying bleeding edge 9.4.

7.2 would be a good place to start.

9.2 is working here, but I think 9.3 broke things and apparently 9.4 must be no better… Never upgrade Wine blindly if you rely on it for Plugin bridging, it’s a house of cards at the best of times…

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I locked my wine staging at version 8.2, and Superior Drummer 3 works fine, but I might upgrade to 9.2 if I find a reason to do it, IE if Melodyne works.

Thank you for the reply. This is my first installation of Wine, I haven’t used it before (well not for a very long time). The Yabridge website said to use the latest version of wine, but as you say I did notice a comment about downgrading it.
I am not quite sure how to do that though. Are the older versions of wine available somewhere?

Thank you. This is my first installation of wine, and I did it purely to get VST plugins going with Ardour on Linux (which I have used for years). Are you using Ubuntu/Kubuntu 22.04 and Yabridge? It would be good to know if wine 9.2 works with that combination (which is what I have).
Where can I get wine 9.2?

The link that I posted explains how to downgrade if you used a package manager.

If you downloaded the packages yourself, then after googling “linux how download old wine”, I got this:
which roughly points here:

Thanks. I am really struggling to do this. I downloaded
Index of /wine-builds/ubuntu/dists/jammy/main/binary-amd64
(as the thread above seemed to suggest Wine 9.2 would work) and ran
sudo dpkg -i wine-devel-amd64_9.2~jammy-1_amd64.deb
which gave
(Reading database … 327552 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack wine-devel-amd64_9.2~jammy-1_amd64.deb …
Unpacking wine-devel-amd64 (9.2~jammy-1) over (9.2~jammy-1) …
Setting up wine-devel-amd64 (9.2~jammy-1) …

But now I can’t find a wine executable on my system anywhere… so I am stuck!

They do a pretty good job of laying out how to do this. Don’t fight it too much. Let the package manager do its work.

On the Ubuntu page:
they tell you how to do it. Slow down, and go through it.
Note, further down on the page, they have a bullet which starts with “There are several versions of Wine on the repository…”.

Maybe look this–>> yabridge plugins fail to load after update to wine-devel 9.5 · Issue #320 · robbert-vdh/yabridge · GitHub

from Issues · robbert-vdh/yabridge · GitHub

robbert-vdh commented Mar 25, 2024

Another temporary solution would be to edit yabridge-host.exe and to change wine on line 33 to wine64. It’s specifically the interaction between the WoW64 wine binary and 64-bit Winelibs that broke.

wine-mirror/wine@85d029e is the relevant Wine commit that caused this to break.

EDIT: Created a bug report here: WineHQ Bugzilla – Bug 56483 – ShellExecute changes in Wine 9.5 broke 64-bit Winelib loading in WoW64 builds

hope this help.