Error running Ardour3 - Failed constructor?

Building the SVN source went fine, but when I try to run /usr/local/bin/ardour3 it gives me this:

ardour: [INFO]: looking for control protocols in /home/linna/.ardour3/surfaces:/usr/local/lib64/ardour3/surfaces
powermate: Opening of powermate failed - Tiedostoa tai hakemistoa ei ole
ardour: [INFO]: Control protocol powermate not usable
ardour: [ERROR]: No port called mcu. Add it to ardour.rc.
ardour: [INFO]: Control protocol Mackie not usable
ardour: [INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: “Generic MIDI”
ardour: [INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: “Open Sound Control (OSC)”
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘failed_constructor’
what(): failed constructor

…and interrupts there. Any

Specs: Ubuntu Studio 8.10, AMD 64 bit dual processor. Kernel = 2.6.27-11-generic.


I have submitted a bug with the same error - 2584 .
Can I ask did you use “syslibs” or did you compile with the internal libs. (This is just so I can add more information to the bug).




This forum is not a bug tracker.

Sorry Paul,

I was trying to get more info from the OP to add to the bug that is in the tracker.

Sorry again.


you are right :wink:


same thing here, and internal libs


Now, if you could please stop spamming, witass, that’d be great !!!