Error messages when openig a session


sometimes i get error messages like this
[ERROR]: control protocol XML node has no name property. Ignored.
[INFO]: Loading session /media/data/data/Productions/Lennons/Unplugged/Abschied/Abschied using snapshot Abschied (1)
Loading history from ‘/media/data/data/Productions/Lennons/Unplugged/Abschied/Abschied/Abschied.history’.

when I open a session. What is the meaning of this? And what can i do against it?

Ardour 2.8.11

I wouldn’t worry about it if your session loads fine, are you even using a control protocol?


No I don’t!
Thanks for the information.


OK. Then I don’t worry.
How can I see if I’m using a control protocol?

You would know if you were. You would be using something else to control Ardour other than your keyboard/mouse and its GUI. ie. A MIDI Control Surface.