Error Message after changing the sound card


after I changed my soundcard (from buildin to delta1010LT) I get this error message:

[ERROR]: AudioSetup value for input device is missing data
[ERROR]: AudioSetup value for outputdevice is missing data

Is there something I con do?
I use AV-Linux and Ardour 2.8.11

Are you starting jack through Ardour or QjackCtl (or just command line)?
What does the jack startup log say?

Here’s a similar problem, albeit with Ardour3 :

I’m starting jack through QjackCtl. There was no error message and no xrun. playback was also possible. Didn’t try recording.
But this computer is not operational at the moment for another reason (changing mobo). I just was wondering about these messages. I’ll try it again with the new motherboard within a few days.