erroneous information in Ardour manual

The page of the online manual contains a mistake that can (and, in my case, did) lead to broken firmware on the control surface in question, Behringer BCF 2000.

In “10.2.2. Firmware Updating (v1.07)”, it is said that firmware should be updated straight away by ‘cat’ without setting up a special LOAD mode on the Behringer. By doing so, you will get an unusable control surface which no longer starts properly. Neither does it send MIDI nor connects as a USB device, displaying “noOS”.

You can only use ‘cat’ to update firmware on BCF 2000 provided you switched on the device having pressed both STORE and LEARN keys on it and you see the message “LOAD” on the display. This is the proper mode for loading firmware. The suggestion in the manual effectively meant dumping SysEx in operational mode and was wrong. Could you please amend this section? It takes no time to follow what the manual suggests but it does take a while to figure out how to repair the firmware!


There is a reason that when you go to that manual, the first page you see is one warning you it is VERY out of date.

None the less I will correct it in its replacement(Which is not at that location) when I get a moment.


Nevermind, that part is not in the new manual at all, apparently someone(Heck it may have been me, I honestly don’t remember) already edited it out anyways.