EP "Cyborgs" made with Ardour

Hi there,

yet another record created with Ardour! This year’s release of my solo project, “Cyborgs”, sounds all electronic and is out now for free download:

Feel free to comment.

All recording, editing and mixing was done in Ardour 3.1 on Linux.

Here are the details for the nerds:

I use an old RME Digi ADAT interface and a Behringer DDX3216 digital console as the heart of my little studio.

Synthesizers used: Roland Juno 106, Oberheim OB-12, Yamaha A4000 (Sampler), Kawai MP-6 (Stage Piano/sample-based synthesis), Electro Harmonix V256 Vocoder. Bass is an electric bass guitar. The last track features an accoustic bass guitar and an old accordeon.

Effects used: Mostly from Calf (LV2) and the old LADSPA collection. Including a ducking delay created via side chaining. However, I will not use the Calf Reverb again, since it sounds too artificial. The Calf Delay works great, but seems to have issues with denormals. EQ10Q was used a lot, pluse the Calf Compressor, that unfortunately seems to have issues with ultra-short attack times. From the world of free VSTs, I used a Juno 60-style chorus (doesn’t live up to the original, though), the TAL Bitcrusher, Kjaerhus Chorus and Delay, Melda Autotuner for the old accordeon, and finally the Voxengo Elephant mastering limiter (payware), which did a great job.

Lesson learned: Get back to using outboard reverbs by TC.

Thanks to Paul and all contributers for creating Ardour! Without you, this would have not been possible.

All the best

Oh, and by the way, the sequenzer used was not Ardour, but still plain old seq24 (jack-sycned). Works pretty straightforward for this kind of stuff, especially for the “drums” that were actually sampled from the named synthesizers. Other sequencing included the arpeggiator of the OB12 set to random. :slight_smile:


Sounds pretty cool!

Joined this forum and downloaded Ardour because of this. Great work.

I recently made the complete switch from Windows to Linux (Windows 8 sucked) and decided Ardour would be nice to use. You’ve confirmed my decision. : )