EP "Between2Eternities" going towards World Music

This year’s solo record going into the world music direction, featuring many guests, produced almost completely in Ardour:

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There’s so many things I could write about the process of creating this record. Maybe the most important thing: Most tracks were created in a rapid-prototyping manner using a fat BOSS RC-300 loop station. I then recorded the up to three tracks from the RC-300 into Ardour and added all the rest around them.

The basics of first and the last track were originally recorded with Cubase, because we were sitting in a cottage in the rain and only had this mobile windows-only USB interface with us. Back home, I imported the data into Ardour and continued there. These two tracks were completed with a Behringer DDX3216 and Alesis MicTube Duo Preamps, for the other tracks I later switched to a Yamaha 01V96i and a Focusrite OctoPre as vocal preamp.

The 91V96i also provided all the reverbs, while many other FX were recorded directly via a Lexicon MX200. Other creative FX used are Calf Vintage Delay and Voxengo StereoTouch. Compressors were Voxengo Voxformer, Voxengo Elephant. And SC3 as sidechain compressor for ducking delays. EQ10Q as EQ. IQ4gui on some tracks, but this VST is darn unstable on Linux. Windows VSTs anyways… be sure to know what you’re doing! :slight_smile:

Thanks to the entire team for Ardour! Without you, this would have not been possible. And great thanks also to the contributors of this record, without whom nothing would have happend at all.


I’m glad I listened to that. The song Between2Eternities reminded me of the movie Phantom of the Paradise. Haunting melody.