Envoy - A Science Fiction Rock Opera (made with Ardour)

I used to play in a band back in the 90s. It was after that band imploded and my first child was born that I first started writing the songs that would become Envoy. Although in the following decades the idea spent more time on a shelf than anywhere else, it was never forgotten. The embryonic rock opera was slowly added to and embellished. Then a couple of years ago, my first child was now grown up and writing and recording music of his own, and suddenly circumstances aligned, and I found myself with the motivation, the tools, and the time to finally bring Envoy to life.

The first installment of this absurdly grandiose and overblown epic is a 6-track, 20 minute EP called Envoy Act 1 Scene 1: The Spirit of the Age, out now on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms.

This first EP establishes the post-apocalyptic “After the Fall” frame-story and covers the birth of the story’s protagonist, Jason, and the discovery by the human race of an alien civilisation. The remainder of Act 1 will be released over the coming months in three further EPs and covers Jason’s childhood and adolescence, and tells of how he comes to be selected as the Envoy – and how as a young man he sets out on a mission of peace and fellowship, frozen and alone, on a thousand year space-voyage to the alien world and back.

Act 2 and 3 are being currently being written. Act 2 will cover Jason’s adventures on the alien world, and Act 3 will cover his return to Earth, to a find a fallen, technologically primitive society that worships him as a god.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Ardour. Apart from a handful of virtual instruments (most notably the drums) and parts from guest-artists who recorded on their own setups and tech stacks, all software used is open source.

There’s also a stupid promotional video on YouTube (edited with Kdenlive of course):


Looking forward to digging into this!

For a hot minute via my tinny phone speaker, I was like “Is that Mike Pinder doing the narration?”

2nd track is a strong opener. Hooked me in a way similar to how “Tommy” hooked me.

I could easily listen to this alongside Days of Future Passed, Ogden’s Nutgone Flake, Tommy, and Jeff Waynes WotW.

Look forward to hearing the rest of Act 1, then the remaining 2 acts when they’re ready!

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Thanks for the feedback @Belladonna - glad you like it!

Tommy was indeed the direct inspiration for kicking off with a symbolically-rich mythic birth-narrative. Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake, Jeff Wayne’s WotW, Tommy and Quadrophenia are definitely all big influences.

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Way cool and ambitious project! Looking forward to the listen.


Grand :heart_eyes:
Kudos, and all the best in distributing it :pray:

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holy sh&t that is good!

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Thanks all for your kind comments. I’ve posted to quite a few forums and mostly get tumbleweeds, so the enthusiasm of your responses here is really appreciated.

Please share with any friends you may have who would appreciate my personal brand of weirdness and subscribe to the YouTube channel. More videos in the pipeline. (and more music.)

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