Enhanced Stereo?

Hi everyone,

I’m using Ardour for about a year now and have learned quite a bit in audio editing.
I’ve got a question, though: What is the usual/most effective way of getting that sort of “enhanced stereo” effect that appears to widen the spectrum of a track? Is there a plugin capable of doing that or an editing method to achieve it?

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I think the matrix spatializer LADSPA plugin does that. You can also use jamin, which gives you 3-band compression, stereo “enhancing”, and much more. It’s meant as a mastering interface (Jack Audio Mastering INterface). Just make an insert on your master track and route it through JAMIN. Make sure to start JAMIN with the -p option, so no output ports are connected by default.


There is another way as well: get the stereo image right in the mix. There is currently a movement back to LRC mixing, meaning that the sound comes from either the Left, right or both speakers, and not too much in between. I have been extremely sceptical of this until I did my first mix that way. It opens up the track like you cannot believe, and suddenly you can hear the instruments again, without sacrificing the ballance.

Another plus it that is bounces to mono perfectly, without any strange comb affects or phase problems.

The only time I use jamin for image enhancement specificly is after a live recording of classical music, using a stereo pair.

Do you mean by using a 3-channel master bus?

I was just listening to Steely Dan’s “Aja” last night (some of the best production ever done), and realized what qharley pointed out: that most of the sources are either hard left/right or right down the center. I’ve always tried to get a blend to go clear across the stereo image, but I think I’ll try LCR mixing with my next couple projects.

That being said, there are a couple of plugins that I use for making a mono sound into stereo: Comb Splitter, TAP Stereo Echo, Good ol’ C* Plate Reverb, or any delay plugin which if tweaked just right can give you a good Haas-effect. Though nothing beats getting a good stereo image in the first place; Mid/side miking on an acoustic guitar works particularly well.

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I might suggest toying around with Barry’s Satan Maximiser on your Master Outs too. Gives the overall track some beef!!!