English Version German Keyb

ardour 5.12: Because I have to ask for help with every single step, I installed the english version of ardour, to have the exact menu words at hand and don’t have to translate them always. But the German Keyboard does not work with the english key bindings. Is there a way to adapt this

Please be more precise about what doesn’t work from your keyboard?

@paul: I switched back to the german version, but it seems it doesn’t matter. At the moment “Zoom-in” with "= " does not work. The “,” (comma) is to “start range”. Instead it selects all tracks(which is not bad, but unexpected). I have not tested yet every key of course. The old behaviour of changing keybindings “on the fly” doesn’t work any more (thank god, it was more menace than feature), but now there is no way to adapt some of the important key bindings to my german Dell laptop keyboard. “Zoom-in” is not listed in the (Alt -K) key bindings window. Playhead to next/previous region can not be changed also. (I had this adapted to my remote so conveniently). And the key bindings file is vanished also in the 5.xx version. Is there any possibility to change keybindings which are not listet in the Alt-K - Window

The ardour.keys seemed to be created, when I changed a binding with Alt-K. I edited the ardour.keys file and replaced < Binding key=“equal”…> with <Binding key=“plus”…>. Now it works as expected

@paul: Now i am total confused. I looked in the Alt-K Windows for “Zoom-in” and couldn’t find it at all. As described in my last post I edited the ardour.keys and it worked. And now I found “Zoom-in” and “Playhead to next/previous region” in that window and could change it. Am I blind or does that window adapt somehow???