Engineer in LA?

Wasn’t sure where to post this - I apologize if it’s in the wrong place.

Do you, or do you know of someone in the LA (Valley) area who would be available to come and help me set up my Mac OSX environment. I’m moving from Reason on Windows and I have a horrible mental block when it comes to the tech - plus - I really like working with other people and I can pay for your time.



Actually - here’s an idea - what if you don’t have to be in LA. What if we shared a screen on Skype?

I’ve downloaded and installed Ardour, Jack and Harrison Mixbus - I only record using Keyboard midi through USB.

I’m looking for some basic steps:

  • basic setup so I can start to record
  • how to download and install vst plugins
  • how to EQ to get the tones that I want
  • best practices for setting up the environment
  • best practices for editing
  • best practices for mixing

I reckon it’ll take maybe 4 or 5 hour long sessions and I can pay up to $50 an hour.

Going forward I should know enough to use the forums to develop my knowledge but this would jump start me and get me rolling sooner rather than later.

If anybody’s interested please email me at

Thank you!

If we can find a time to do it, I don’t mind doing a Google Hangout to explain some of the basics, though you can always jump on IRC (See the links at the bottom of the page) to chat with folks.

Something to keep in mind, the current version of Mixbus does not do MIDI, so you would need Ardour4 for that on OS X. The next version of Mixbus will support it I believe. Also on OS X you will want to use AU versions of instruments, most common instruments have both VST and AU, though some may only have VST which means you wouldn’t be able to use it at this time IIRC.

By the way, depending on how much experience you have in studio recording, your time estimates may be WAY under (I spend an entire semester just on ear training and basic mixing with my students), but while there may not be the same library specifically on using Ardour, the concepts of EQing for tone, etc. you can find lots of videos on the web about using various plugins and would be good references.


Seablade - thank you - that would be fantastic.

For me it really is more about setting up the ideal environment and establishing basic work flow - if I could get a couple of sessions with you I’d be stoked.

What’s the best way to contact you?



Drop me an email at seablaede gmail. Note the extra ‘e’ in the email.