Engine 18


This is a song that has been a frustrating WIP for a long time and is finally finished (other than final mastering). It was completed using a custom Ardour3 build from the Cairo Canvas branch. I made use of the linuxDSP DYN-4000 compressor on the drums (yowza!) and the Black EQ and Fairchild FC-70 for mastering, I also used the SR2B Reverb and the Calf Vintage Delay on effects busses…

Really cool! I like it.
What drums did you use? Did you play them life?


Thanks a lot for listening… The drums on this song were programmed in Hydrogen using my own kit samples which can be found here:

I should get you to program drums for my tracks!. Do you know of any good resources for non drummers to learn to program drums? I’ve always been really clueless about drumming, Not just the physical aspect but what to play and when. I’ve been getting better but my patterns are often overly simplistic.

cool stuff.
only thing i noticed was the ultra wide stereo field. is this on purpose?


Hi, I actually was considering doing a Hydrogen tutorial on programming ‘acoustic’ drums but didn’t know if there was a need, I personally don’t know of any other resources like that that are specific to Linux software but maybe I’ll look into it this winter, I’d love to program beats for you unfortunately it’s all I can do to get time for my own :/…


The stereo field has not been artificially widened, I just do a lot of hard panning :slight_smile:

I like this song. Good mix. Like the vocals and really the guitar work towards the end of the song.

Do think you should look at doing some Hydrogen tutorials. Your drum parts sound natural. I play drums a little bit which helps, but my drum sequences are as about as boring as my drum playing… ;^)