Engine 18 (Rescued by linuxDSP)


This is a song I wrote and recorded in the late 90’s, I decided to dump the original CubaseVST session WAV’s into an Ardour3 to give it a fresh listen and determine what was needed to resurrect it.

In the meantime I was kind of bummed by the multitude of sound issues and other sonic sins in the original recording evidenced by a lack of experience and decent microphones at the time (in the late 90’s the words ‘inexpensive’ and ‘large-diaphragm condenser microphone’ didn’t go together in sentences…). I kind of liked the arrangement though so I spend a couple of evenings remastering and making great use of linuxDSP’s mkii GRAPH-EQ and the PEQ-2A and although this new mix still has some issues to rectify and some parts to re-record what I ended up with from the original session was quite surprising to me considering what I had started with.

Here is what I ended up with, sometime in the future hopefully I will have time to also post an updated new version as well:



Here is an updated version with fresh drums, keyboards, acoustic guitar and percussion, I should have mentioned in the first post that Pete Cox is on bass.

Comments and critiques welcome, this has been a very challenging tune to mix… I have to say for me Ardour 3b5 has been damned near bulletproof (although I’m not a big MIDI user). I’ve probably done more work with this particular version than any previous one and it has not crashed or dropped any frames yet when used with both USB and FireWire devices even when recording 10 or more tracks at a time, This is the best and most productive experience I’ve had with any D.A.W. ever! I have literally hundreds of plugins on the system and rarely get beyond a handful of linuxDSP ones. This makes recording pure joy :slight_smile:

Kudos and thanks to Paul and his fellow devs, if this is beta I can’t wait to see what the finished product is like…

Anyway…here’s the song:

NOTE Updated mix

great sound. Helps me realize how badly I need to work on mixing.