Enforce a minimum length when drawing MIDI notes

This is a new thing according to “Ardour 7.0 what’s new”
But how do I do this?

It’s not a thing for users. Older versions would let you create notes of absurdly short duration (e.g. 8 samples). That’s not possible any more.

Ok, I understand.

Because I sometimes by accident shrink midi notes to invisibility it would be helpful to be able to limit the tinyness of notes (but this should then be posted in the Ideas for Ardour department).

When you are adding new notes in the Draw mode, you can set the minimum length.

The first part of this manual page covers that: The Ardour Manual

Single-click adds a note of the predefined duration, click+drag creates a longer note (that snaps or doesn’t snap to grid depending on the settings).

Yes, you are right, there is control over midnote-length but it happens that notes “disappear” during editing. And when that “happens” it takes a lot of time (actions) to bring them back in view. Overlapping notes policy in session-properties is an important setting in that regard (and being a little bit more careful during editing :wink:

I usually work in Internal Edit Mode when editing midi, it has some advantages. But in that mode, the toolbar lacks some functions which are present in Drawmode. Why would that be? I regret that.

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