Endless rotary MIDI encoder mapping


I’m building my own MIDI map for a keyboard I own. I mapped almost all of the controllers. But there’s a problem with one knob, this is endless encoder. I want to program it to scroll editor pane, if I turn the knob clockwise - scroll forward, anticlockwise - backward. I am struggling with this for 3 days now… The other idea is to zoom tracks in/out in editor using this knob.

This encoder can be set in one of 6 modes:

  • CC (Absolute)
  • CC (Relative)
  • After touch
  • Pitch bend
  • PC
  • Note

I tried all of these modes combined with all kinds mentioned in the Ardour manual, section “Generic MIDI and Encoders”: enc-r, enc-l, enc-2, enc-b, even rpn-delta and nrpn-delta… nothing works.

MIDI tracer shows this knob the same way as standard volume pot with values between 0 and 127 in most modes.

I think I need your help. Any ideas? Thanks!

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