end marker

In one of my sessions I might have deleted the end marker: how do I create it? I tried renaming a blank marker as “end” but it does not work as it should. bye

That is interesting, I don’t know how you managed to do that truthfully, but if you can reproduce it can you file a bug report?

Before doing anything, make a backup copy of your session file(The .ardour file)

The best way I suppose is going to be to create a new session, save it, close it, then open the XML file(The .ardour file in the session directory) and search for ‘end’ to find the XML that represents the end marker, copy that and paste it into the .ardour file for your broken session.


Thanks Seablade, I’ll try the way u suggested tonight in my next recording session. bye

the “end” marker has been deleted doing:
clear all locations
from the context menu of the location markers line.
that command erase all markers included the “end”, leaving only the “start” one. bye

Thanks much, in the future if you notice anything like this make sure to file it as a Mantis report so that the devs see it and can keep track of it.


Hmm I can’t replicate this, what version of Ardour are you using, and where did you get it from?


I’m using Ardour 2.8.11; where did i get it from? don’t really know, downloaded through Ubuntu 10.10 software center. What is a mantis record? excuse my ignorance, but i’m new to this stuff. thanks bye

Hmm… given this, I would bet we have hit yet another fun ‘Ubuntu Packaging’ bug. So in this case don’t file a report yet, but if anyone else reading this wants to test both the Ubuntu package for Ardour and a self-compiled package I would appreciate it to confirm if the problem is just in Ubuntu or not since I can’t replicate it here.

Mantis is Ardour’s bug tracker. You can get there by clicking ‘Issue Tracker’ at the top of every page on ardour.org When you find bugs or want to request features, youw ould put them in Mantis to ensure they don’t get lost.


thanx for the information Seablade, I re-checekd and on my OS the fact of deleting the “end” marker with the “clear all markers” command is replicatable. bye