"end" marker ignored in session (ardour 2.0.5)


I have one session where the end marker is completely ignored by the transport. The result is that if I zoom to entire session, the latter gets completely squeezed on the left of the track canvas and playing goes on and on way after the marker. It also happened that the end marker was relocated way further the end of the longest track after zooming in and out. And actually, I think the mess started from there.

I checked that I had no other “end” markers hidden. Did anybody observe this as well ?

there is an option under “Transport” to ignore or pay attention to the end marker. i suspect its been turned off.

the end marker does not move “backwards” when tracks are shortened, it only moves “forwards” when they get longer due to recording or editing. you need to move it manually if you want to shorten the effective length of the session.