End boundary of a region doesn't match with the length (bug?)

Recently I was making a bug report here:
and faced with some strange mismatch between the “End:” and “Length:” of the MIDI region properties. This region is snapped to grid and placed at the beginning of the session (zero “0”). The end of the region is snapped to grid of coarse (750 samples). The “End:” and “Length:” must be the same, as I understand. But The “End: 737” and “Length:750”.
Is this a bug or this is something special in the program behavior?

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Further exploration gave another mismatch thing that is related to the previous I think:
If we snap the end boundary of region using G-mouse-mod - snap works well, but if we use R-mouse-mod to snap the range end-boundary - there’s a mismatch behavior (the same numbers 737 & 750).

PS: Without the snapping - the range selection matchs to 750 well.

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