Enabling/Disabling plugins in automation

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I try to find out how to disable/enable a plugin automatically when i mix a track.

I found out that i can change parameters of a plugin (for example delay length)
but can i (and how) disable a plugin completely same way (and enable it when needed) ?

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Only if the plugin provides an automatable enable/bypass control. Most plugins do this.

Ardour does not know how to bypass any given plugin without introducing clicks or audible artifacts, only a plugin itself can do this.


Thanks for the quick answer.
seems i have overseen something or used a plugin without enable/disable. :relieved:

By the way, is there a good tutorial anywhere about automation and all those regionrelated things ?
I often have difficulties editing them in a quick and reasonable way.

best regards Harry

You can create a BUS with one or more plugins applied and send signal from a track or another bus to this bus using “New Aux Send” (right click on mixer strip where you’re adding plugins). You can not only mute/unmute the effect bus with automation to enable/disable the plugins, but also control how much of the signal is sent to this bus to increase / decrease effects: Automation->Processor automation->Your Bus Name->Send.

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Thank you Skygge :grinning:
this is a very good suggestion !!!

I think you should watch that one: unfa - From Fine to Fantastic: Beyond Static Sound Design (Sonoj Convention 2018 Talk) - YouTube

Thanks - a lot of videotutoring, think i can find some useful information :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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