Emu 0404 with Adour under Linux

Hello Ardour Users,

I want to start using Ardour under Linux with Ubuntu Studio 64 Bit Edition and a emu0404 audio card. I thing, I have installed the audio hardware in the rigth way with alsa and the alsa firmware extention. I hear some audio, if I play for example a mp3-file. So I thing in general, Linux supported my emu0404.

But I try now some days to record audio with ardour. I tryed to play with the alsa mixer, with the JACK control program, but I am to stupid to get recording running.

Use anybody of you successfully an emu0404 Audio Card with ardour? If so, so please let my know your ALSA mixer settings and your Jack Control Settings and if possible, a screenshot of your JACK Connection routing?

Thank you very much …
Best regards,

I have an emu0404 working in 32 and 64Bit (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) it takes a lot of trial and error to get the mixer settings correct. In this thread, I posted my settings, for alsamixer


Hello linuxdsp

your settings work for me! Now I am able to record. Thank you very much! Great help!

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