Empty export files

Hi there. I have an occasional problem with exporting, whereby the files are 0 bytes for a flac and 44 bytes for a wav. I have no idea why it happens; it usually stops doing it when I restart the interface but this time I seem to be stuck with it. Any ideas? I’m using Ardour 3 on Ubuntu Studio 14.04. Thanks!

Please upgrade to Ardour 5.10, the version 3 is old and won’t be fixed anymore.

This used to be a problem on at least Ardour 5.x series when you have both Normalize and one of Trim silence at start or Trim silence at end options selected in the export preset. Maybe the bug was also present on the 3.x line.


It used to happen in 2.x series (possibly 0.99 too) if sample rate conversion was enabled during export.

The Ardour related issues (normalize, strip silence, etc) have been fixed since 5.x. But if export starts and the progress bar does not move (but you can ‘cancel’) you’re running into a jack bug (also fixed since ~3 years, but still present in Ubuntu). If that is the case: I highly recommend to update jackd or use Ardour’s ALSA or Ardour’s Dummy backend (no jack) to export (Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI setup). – The bug it’s a race-condition in jackd, so you could also restart jack and re-try exporting, you might be lucky once in a while.