EMAP - an lv2 of fluidsynth

Hello ardour users. I made an lv2 of my standalone UI for fluidsynth. I just wanted to paste the information here where you can grab a binary or source http://www.colorfulsoftware.com/emap and try it with a project in ardour. Its not the prettiest eye candy out there but it is very useful if you have a large collection of soundfonts like myself and you need access to them easily.

I’ve been using it with ardour3 for a couple of weeks and it seems to be working as intended so far.

If you decide to check it out and have any suggestions or comments please send them my way billbrown at colorfulsoftware dot com. If you want to contribute a build for a different architecture, that would be cool too.


This looks like a nice plugin and useful addition to linux music. Just for your information there is also a calf-fliudsynth lv2 plugin which I’ve also found useful.