ElephantDSP Room reverb LV2 problem (SOLVED)

Does not install on the track:

2023-08-14T17:46:42 [ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin https://www.ElephantDSP.com/plugins/Room_Reverb

VST3 version works, but it would still be nice if LV2 also works.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

I contacted the developer and he is trying to figure it out.

AvLinux MXE the latsest. Ardour 7.5.0/Mixbus 32C 9.1.324

I got the new version for testing. The problems disappeared. Seems to work ok

Thanks for the report! @Sojuzstudio

Is this Plugin a good consideration to be bundled in AVL? I have not used it personally but it seems to get good press. If the developer is keen I may inquire about including it if you recommend it…?

I need to collect a little more user experience, but it seems quite natural sounding. And the user interface is clear, nice presets. I found this in that other thread, where there is more about these.

A couple of years ago I started looking for replacement plugins for the Melda Production Complete bundle (Because they don’t want to make Linux versions. Yes, I’ve asked a few times.). So in practice Linux native LV2 VTS and VST3. I am quite successful and Melda has not been installed for a long time. And everything works, the work has been done. Most of them have pre-installed AvLinux MXE, but I have bought some commercial ones, which are now well available for Linux. Linux is running well with Pro audio.

EDIT: The developer was very responsive to emails and helpful. Professional attitude.

For what it’s worth, this uses the same freeverb3 ProG algorithm found in Dragonfly Room. I don’t know much more about it than that. It’s possible that the developer offers better support than that shifty-eyed fellow who maintains the dragonfly plugins.


Haha, I doubt that could even be possible!

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I have also used your plugins. Completely professional products. I think it feels a bit like Valhalla dsp, maybe I’m imagining it

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