Elena DIACHKOVA & Solar Ritmo - Aquarela do Brasil


I received just 16 tracks from Russia and did this mix in Portugal, too bad the voice microphone appeared defective to me, so I couldn’t really work on it as I excpected … this is a demo, feel free to comment, thank you :slight_smile:



Hello !

Good tune, I can feel a nice and sunny ambient in my stereo !

Keep working and posting those tunes, cause i like it :wink:

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Many thanks for your listening and comments Sahaathyva :slight_smile:

Unexpected version. As a brazilian i never expected hearing a russian version for “aquarela do brazil”.

I just missed a little bit of reverb in the voice. But nice work!

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Boa tarde Leandro,
Many thanks for your comments, they are really appreciate, especially about musical sound/type provenance and interpretation. Is that World Music ? :slight_smile:


Hi @seal20,

Interesting how the music has no barriers. This samba was recorded first in 1939 and it is probably the most famous Brazilian song ever. Indeed, this is the real meaning of world music. A song can be interpreted by anyone at any place.

Great job (again)!

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