Electro track made with Ardour

Hi all,

I’ve done this song. It’s my first use of Ardour for recording and mixing. Actually it’s also my first mix. It tried mixing a few times before but couldn’t finish what I started.

mp3 : dl.free.fr/rD08nqDBz
flac : dl.free.fr/pHKLWWpUF
Website’s in French so just click on the link below the file size …

To do the track, I used :

  • 3 Bristol MiniMoog Synth with personnal presets
  • Hydrogen with DR110 drumkit
  • Seq24 (very nice)
  • Ardour 2
  • plugins : parametric filters, vocoder (VocProc), invada Tube distortion, jconvolver, and others…

As it’s my first mix, do not hesitate to comment on its quality, balance, clarity, energy, etc. …

thanks a lot