Elastic tool

Hi All, I’m very happy to to use Ardour due to the fact is simple and fast, but I don’t see the “Elastic audio”, is there? The strech fuction is something different, anypne know if exist the Elastic tool


There is no equivalent to what some other DAWs call “elastic time” at present.

Ardour currently remains more focused on recording (and editing) musician’s performances than on what we might call “modern pop production”, in which everything and anything about a chunk of audio is possible to manipulate (including pitch, elastic time etc.) in arbitrary ways.

We will likely add some of those features over time, but It currently isn’t our focus.

thanks Paul for your answer: do you know if exist a plugin that can do it?


@tinctura Fairly sure that isn’t possible with realtime plugins (The only type Ardour and many DAWs support). I could be wrong but at least implementing it the way I am thinking requires more direct knowledge of the DAW environment than plugins are aware of I believe.


It’s a pity, beacuse it is the only gap with other DAWs, in term of recording and editing


It isn’t the only gap. There are also things that Ardour can do that you can’t do in other DAWs. You need to pick the right tools for the job. If you’re doing composition with lots of samples and loops and want to trigger sounds live and so on, you need something more like Bitwig or Live. If you’re recording musicians’ performances and doing lots of sequential edits, you’re probably better off with Ardour. The whole “elastic time” concept (which Ableton more or less pioneered with Live) is extremely different from what DAWs did traditionally, and although many of them now support this sort of functionality, it really does address a production style and workflow that is quite different from what I was always interested in.

Again, we will likely add aspects of this in the future, but it isn’t something that right now we have any immediate plans for. It also complicated by the fact that good “elastic time” implementations are very complex, and many (most?) proprietary DAWs rely on a library from a small company in Berlin (Zplane) that we cannot use.

Clear, thanks for the explanation. You’re doing a great job and for this reason I’d like to use Ardour for anything, also for doing pizza :slight_smile:

New plugin request… a-pizza

Ill get my coat.