Ein Neuer Tag - Friends And Pete

New Song “Ein Neuer Tag” finished.
Audio & MIDI created inside Ardour 7.4. (Guitar Solo imported)

Featuring: my son Marius on Solo Guitar :slight_smile:

( Friends And Pete Ein Neuer Tag - YouTube)
Video created on Android with YouCut


  • Drums: AVL Drumkits - Blonde Bop (love it !!! :smiley: )
  • Bass: Soundfound GM PickBass
  • Wurlitzer: Soundfont on Calf FluidSynth
  • Saxophon: Soundfont on Calf FluidSynth
  • Guitars: Harley Benton CST24 Deluxe with Zoom G3X
  • Guitar Solo: imported (contributed by my son Marius Zenk)
  • Micro: Rhode NT2-A via Fasttrack M-Audio


  • ACE EQ, ACE Compressor,
  • Dragonfly Reverbs
  • Calf Vintage Delay & Multi-Chorus,
  • Invada Tube Distortion

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Great song and a interesting arrangement! The sounds are impressive and you have done a great job mixing and mastering. The only improvement would be the singing in the verses that are a bit too humble… Congratulations!

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Yes, AI to the rescue !!!
(At least it’s my personal human voice :wink: )

Dont take it like that. I said many positive things and you chose to hook on the one litle critical thing… That was the last time I bothered to comment one of your songs…

Sorry, I wanted to make joke, which obviously has failed. :frowning:

I was pointing to the voice modelling with the help of artificial intelligence - which is upcoming strongly - and everybody seems to discuss the threat AI is creating to music production by humans:

Kidding that AI could improve the weakness of my voice (Which obviously exists, no doubt, I’m not a brilliant singer, unfortunately)

Of course I very much appreciate your feedback. so please apologize for my failed joke.

Pete :slight_smile: