Eico & The Trouble M8s, home recors made with Ardour

all my music it’s made with Ardour, Jack, Hydrogen, Audacity and open source software I’d really like to receive some feedback and know what you think of it, thank you :slight_smile:


I’m searching for musician that wants to cooperate, and maybe work together on new productions, feel free to contact me if you’re interested on en.rispoli@gmail.com

I like your voice a lot. Guitars are groovy too, but there should be real drums for more organic feel.


Well to start you’re a GREAT writer, arranger and singer! You’ve got the important goods covered!

My impression in listening is I really like the songs but would agree the drums are both too canned sounding and not nearly defined and loud enough in the mix, especially kick drums, also the drums lack dimension and almost sound like they have the treble frequencies EQ’d out so that take ‘shine’ out of the overall mix. I’m loving the bass tones and some of the guitars as well, I’d prefer to hear a mix of guitars lined in using plugins and also guitars that have been miked from an amp with some room ambience. As they are the subdued drums and lined in guitars create a bit of a claustrophobic backdrop for the amazing song ideas…

Please don’t take this too harshly, I wouldn’t bother to listen and write this much if I didn’t really like the material…:slight_smile:

I took the time to listen through your songs :slight_smile: When “Hey Consumers” started it was clear that you have something very good here.

What stands out is your sense of rhythm and melody, I think you’ve got some execptional talent in these categories. You also have a great and expressive voice.

Two songs “Save My Soul” and “Hey Consumers” are of commerial quality when it comes to writing. Arrangments feel a little raw and un
finished, but that is the “easy part” of making music, writing is the hardest part and many try and fail here :slight_smile:

I think you just need a group of talented musicians around you that can support your song writing by taking part of writing arrangem
ents etc and you are ready to go.

I’m very envious about your ability to write simple but touching melodies. Especially for “Save My Soul”, it is a amazing piece of w

Thanks for sharing your music, please make some more and find a group of good musicians to work with :slight_smile:

Your mixes are somewhat unorthodox, but i think they are quite charming, i enjoyed listening to your music.