Efficient Assigning of Outputs

I have used Ardour for the last 3 days and find working with it a pleasure :slight_smile:
There are some things I seem to miss and that hinder my workflow.

  1. Is there a convenient way to assign multiple tracks to multiple outputs/busses? In Protools you can use modifiers, which act on a track selection. So “ctrl+opt” assigns to outputs in ascending order and “opt” assigns to the same output? (Might actually other shortcuts, but I think the concept should be clear)

  2. Similarly how do I select all tracks (or a range) in the mixer/editor? For me only important, if 1. is possible. At the moment I use the mouse, which is quite inefficient.

Thanks in advance for your help.

As far as selecting all the ranges in the timeline, I am pretty sure you can just use Ctrl+A (as long as the timeline is the active window).
With respect to assigning outputs, I have used protools, Ableton, and Acid and the routing system in Ardour is so much more powerful. Anything can be routed anywhere, and I wouldn’t give that up for a keyboard shortcut. Alt+P will open the connections window for you. Draw a big old diagonal between the track and output window.

Thanks for the quick reply. I also use the routing matrix but sometimes I think it would be more comfortable to have the option to assign outputs without going into a different menu. Regarding your advice for selection, your workflow works but only for selecting regions. I would like to select tracks so I can do something with them.

  • Mute selected tracks (busses/audio/midi)
  • copy insert to selected tracks

There are general rules for mouse-driven operations in the mixer-y parts of Ardour. The one you want is that shift-ctrl-click on something does that to all tracks & busses. This applies to selection, to soloing, muting and more. Note that you do not need to select tracks to mute them etc.

If you have created groups in the editor you can right click on the group tab and select send to subgroup IIRC to create or just route the group to a bus. This may be similar to what you are looking for, but probably not exactly.