EDL Support

Let me first thank you for an excellent program,
I do have a question however:

Will there be EDL support in Ardour2? If so, which will be supported? AES/EBU? OMF?

Thanks :slight_smile:

OMF is proprietary, though there have been some partly successful attempts at reverse engineering it. There are currently two private efforts at providing AAF support, and this seems like the best first choice because its an open specification that is relatively well supported by existing software. Expect news on this front within the next month or two.

I think importing and exporting edl is the most important things for ardour. Until we can’t import project, there is no issue to work as professionnal. Very few professional work alone, you have to get audio with editing from other people, and 99,99% don’t work with ardour.
At this time:
OMF is the most used
AAF is the chalenger (want to kill OMF)
AES31 could bee a world standart but nobody used it
XML is growing up with Finalcutpro.
PT protools session
ML fairlifgt session
To work with everybody you need to bee flexible.The way to solve the problem is perhaps (like fairlight do with AVtransfert) to build a separate software who can translate differents edl (the most possible) to ardour edl. Sory because I am not able to do this, but if I can help I will do my best.

Building a separate soft to translate to and from different formats would be a good start : once you have a library working good enough, I don’t think it would be much trouble integrating it into Ardour (while also serving for other free softwares)

Marc-Olivier Barre,
Kinoko en Orbite

I start working to create a small soft to translate edl format.
I do in perl, I am not very good to do that, so It’s going slowly, I somebody is interessed by the project, I am OK to get help.

I’d like to give it a try myself as a project for school. I’m not quite sure how to handle this yet. I’m gonna research the matter a little bit and come back with questions. I hope you won’t mind answering some of them. Good luck!

Samuel Stanislas, part of the Traduceri Legalizate team.

I think there is a commercial product called “Ardour Exchange” which the people who sell indemixx sell. I am not sure which formats it converts but if you really really need to exchange information yesterday it might be worth looking into.

Yes, I can confirm that (in fact, I wrote it). ArdourXchange only supports AAF at the moment but there’s a Mantis feature request to sponsor an open source version (and possibly extend it to support OMF).


Anyone who pledges enough sponsorship can have a free copy of ArdourXchange while they’re waiting for the open source version.