Editor list view

In the Editor List I want to be able to see the whole name in Sources and Regions. I can drag the Editor List out left but the Source tab stays the same width (not wide enough to show the whole name of the file). I imagined I could click between Source and Tags and drag to change width. Regions is a bit better but I still need to drag left until I fill 2/5 of my screen with the Editor List to show the whole file name, and half of the Editor List is then occupied with Tags/Start/Length/tickboxes which I don’t want to see. I do lots of work where I need to chop up and re-order sound files (working with hundreds of small fragments) so I do need to see names.

Is there somewhere I can resize the columns to fit the text? Somewhere I can choose what each tab has visible?

Please tell me I’ve missed something obvious!

(Ardour 6, OS X 10.14.6)

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