Editing two regions.

Being used to Pyramix (and to a lesser extent Sonic Studio), I’m finding it a bit difficult to edit regions in Ardour 2.1

Mainly, I can’t find a way to move the position of the fade itself. In Pyramix this is done by dragging the point at which two clips meet, but in Ardour this just moves one of the clips. Is there any way to edit in a more sophisticated way than just dragging the regions and extending/contracting them?

If not, I’d like to request changes to this in a future version of the programme - maybe use of the right-click or middle-click, or extending the use of different “zones” to click in (like the one at the bottom of a region.)

Apart from a few niggling things like this I really do like using Ardour, it has a nice clean and easy to read interface and seems to do most things in a pretty reasonable manner, even on my fifth-rate hardware. So thank you everybody who has contributed to this, and I hope it can continue to improve to a point where it outperforms Pyramix for me, at least in software terms :slight_smile:

crossfades in ardour explicitly and intentionally exist in the area spanned by the overlap. this is in specific contrast to ProTools, where crossfades exist between regions that do NOT overlap. if you want to change the nature of the crossfade so that, for example, the later region doesn’t start being audible till notably after the start of the overlap, then use the xfade editor.

its conceivable that we could make changes to this in the future. but at present, i am strongly inclined toward a continuing model in which the extent of the xfade is defined by the overlap. i am not keen on one in which you make an overlap and then manipulate the a separate xfade object (whose extents may not match that of the overlap) within it. i am, as always, open to persuasion.

you should know that the forums are not the right place to bring up feature requests, in general. file them in our issue tracker, and then they don’t get forgotten (or they get less forgotten).

I guess I wasn’t very clear about what I meant by “moving a crossfade” - I’m fine with the fade being defined by where the regions overlap and probably prefer it that way, but what I want to do is change where the overlap occurs by dragging, to make the edit appear in a different place.

I wasn’t sure whether I am missing something or whether this doesn’t exist, so I didn’t want to file a feature request for something that might already be implemented, but if it isn’t then I will do so!


tgoose: you can resize a region by dragging on the edge of the label area (close to the lower left or right corner of a region).