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Is there a place to contribute edits for the manual? I’m working through the keyboard & mouse shortcuts at the moment (on OS X) and finding a few broken things and new additions. The printable cheat sheet is also further behind the online manual. I’ll be putting Ardour in front of students in a few weeks so it would be useful to have an update. I’m a fairly new user but happy to contribute.

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Submit pull requests here: https://github.com/Ardour/manual

If you aren’t familiar with Git/Github, you can create an account, fork (Create a copy) of the repo, and then submit a ‘pull request’ back to ask that any changes be incorporated back into the original repo. This would then allow them to be part of the build process when updates are built.

To modify existing pages, you can conveniently use an “Edit on Github” button top-right on every page on manual.ardour.org

Only to add new pages (or change indices, add media) you have to manually create pull-requests.

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Great. Will do! Thanks

The button took me to Githib but I had to create a pull request after all, which I did.
I added comments about quite a few shortcuts which didn’t appear to work but that may be me so I didn’t edit, but also that includes some core OS X key bindings.
Can I edit the pdf too? (I don’t have a pdf editor - is the original in some other format?)

Thanks for the contribution.

The manual PDF is automatically generated once the pull-request is handled.
(unless you mean https://manual.ardour.org/files/a3_mnemonic_cheat_sheet_osx.pdf).

Sorry, yes the cheat sheet

That is out of date (Ardour3 days) and was superseded by Ardour generated

Menu > Window > Keyboard Shortcuts > Print Bindings

That produces a HTML page with a similar layout, that you can just print, and it also shows customized shortcuts (if any).

We should remove the link to those pdfs from the manual.

Ah - I hadn’t discovered that. Yes, please ditch the old pdfs. I spent a while annotating a copy unnecessarily. The HTML is easier to grab info from to incorporate in user guides. Thanks

I just wanna say that I have also spent some time scribbling notes onto my print out of the obviously outdated “cheat sheet” which I still like having around…

The generated HTML is roughly 30 PDF pages long and of course a great reference - but a condensed cheat sheet for the most important things is a great handy thing to have! But of course these very old cheat sheets should be removed (confused me too in the beginning).

But I guess most of us probably only use 20 shortcuts regularly, so it is no biggie to create a shortened cheat sheet for yourself, as I’ve done over time…

I tried quite hard to find a way to fully automate the generation of Ye Olde Cheat Sheetz. I just couldn’ t do it. What you actually see is automatic generation of LaTeX, followed by quite a lot of hand-editing to tweak everything to fit/look good/be organized. It’s not really viable as a generalized, automated method of generating them, which is a great shame.

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