Editing surround sound for movies with Ardour

Can I edit surround sound for a movie with Ardour? It doesn’t seem (as far as I could find) that Ardour can output at a surround format that a DVD player could read (something compatible with Dolbdy Digital, DTS, or something like that). Can I do this with any free/open source program or plug-in?
(Sorry if anything sounds stupid or doesn’t make any sense; I really don’t know anything about this subject)


There is a simple program called xjadeo which can be synced with Ardour using jack transport. It makes editing sound for a film very easy, but it doesn’t offer video editing functionality.


FFMPEG can encode 5.1 audio for DVD.

There’s also a real time AC3 encoder that is a jack client so that you can listen to the playback over a surround sound system while editing.

It’s a couple years old but should still compile fine.


Thanks for your replies (Sampo and Reuben)!
That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Does it needs the META data to be setup for surround playback?