Editing single vs. multiple tracks

I must have selected an option without realizing it, because now when I use the “Select/Move Ranges” tool it affects all tracks rather than just the one I’ve clicked. How do I toggle this behavior on or off?

Its normally based on track selection. Just make sure you only select the tracks you wish to work on. You may also be using an edit-group which will propagate edits across all members of the group. If so, disable the group - its in the tabs on the right hand side of the editor window, marked “Groups”.

Ok, I see what’s happening now. I don’t have any edit-groups defined but If I use the select/move tool on one track, then use it again on subsequent tracks, they begin to group together as if I’d held down Ctrl and clicked each of the track controls on the left side. I can reset this grouping effect by clicking on a single track control and then using the select/move tool. I don’t remember it behaving this way before, but I can adjust. It actually might be more versatile for editing multiple tracks on the fly (without creating a group).