Editing problems


First, a descrition of the config :


/PIV 3 Ghz Bi-core
Matrox G450 with 2 screens
Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA 2000 (based on ICE1712 …)

/Software :

/DeMuDi/Agnula 1.2.0 & 1.3.0
Ardour 0.9-beta28 & 0.99

My problems are :

1°) creating a loop on 1region works fine, but with several ones, at the end of the loop, Ardour crashes …

2°) To have a loop on more one regions, I want to bounce them, but the action seems to have no effects ( select regions, then select “bounce” in the context menu …)

3°) Each times I tried to use Punches ( “In” particulary …) I could record no more than 2 bars, the record des-enabled after these bars …

4°) Sometimes, I can’t have my input sound on a track when it is record-enabled while others are playing …

These problems perhaps are my fact, or are they bugs ?.. I constat that the problems are the same whatever the Ardour versus is … and are not permanent from one song to another, but if a song have the problem I will be permanent with it …

If these are not bugs, is there someone able to help me …?

Thanks in advance and best regards


Upgrade to 0.99.3 and problem 1 will go away. Problem 2 was not yet implemented properly last time I checked. To bounce a particular section of more than one track, highlight the desired range with the range tool, goto file -> export range to audiofile, then select in the right hand window which specific tracks you want to be included (hint not the master out left and right). Then import them back in via the region/name window and pop em on your timeline.
Problem 3 is strange, but could be a bug fixed in 0.99.3 - make sure the tracks are record armed before trying to punch in (also have you selected a punch in/out range?)
Problem 4 requires that you enable software monitoring in ardour options editor, and also have ‘auto input’ highlighted. Although looking at your card setup you may be able to monitor what you are recording through routing your audio correctly with envy24ctrl, I’m not too sure.