Editing midi while looping range

I’m trying to clean up a midi recording from my fishman tripleplay while having a range selected and looping. More times than not I have no problems with Ardour while editing individual notes this way. Frequently though Ardour crashes/disappears without warning and I have to restart the program. Is Ardour designed to do this or is this something to be avoided? I’m using version 3.5.380-dbg.

Must clarify. :slight_smile: Obviously Ardour isn’t designed to crash. Should I be avoiding editing midi notes while looping a selected range?

I don’t know about MIDI specifically, but making changes while looping over a range that includes those changes seems like a reasonable thing to do. I’d recommend filing a bug report via “Bug Tracker” link - first check if something similar has already been reported, and also see if you can tie down the conditions that cause the crash to make the behaviour reproducible, or it’ll be hard to fix.

Thanks anahata. This is what I suspected but I’ve suspected Ardour before only to find out later I was the problem. I didn’t see this issue in the bug tracker last night. I’ll look again.

Looping MIDI is known to be somewhat buggy at present, and is one of the most urgent tasks in the “MIDI focus” that will happen after 3.6 is released.

I’m trying to get a grip on debugging info now and plan to file a bug report later today. Do I still proceed or wait until after 3.6 release? Still not positive of the location of the core file with Ubuntu Studio.