Editing in Logic Pro, Ardour, Acid Pro

Progressions create movement in our music and the best tool makes it easy to create memorable melodies using a sense of movement - the ii chord leads to the IV, V, V7, or I chord, for example. I have found making movement happen in Ardour is more intuitive than it is in Logic Pro 8 or 9 - based on my own compositions which typically have between 28 and 34 tracks. This mean I am doing a lot of editing, cutting, pasting and in some cases signature change. I used Ardour and Logic Pro 9 on my last four compositions and I feel comfortable saying for editing, ease of use, flexibility, and extensibility - Ardour is a very comparable to Acid Pro. This is saying a lot for Ardour since I started using Release 1a of Acid (I developed software in the Windows environment back in the day and grew up on Windows based apps.).

Question - do any of you know if Mixbus will remain aligned/synced with Ardour’s release schedules?

A. K. McCoy-Alhusaam, Phd (a.k.a., Kariym Kariym)