Editing and exporting multiple episodes with almost the same filters

Hi folks, Ardour newbie here.

I recorded about 10 episodes of spoken word (of different lengths) which I have now in Ardour as separate mono tracks. They should go through the same filters (same recording setup; except of normalization which might be slightly different between episodes), the common filters being defined on master; but the episodes should be exported as separate files. How can I do this ergonomically?

  1. What I tried was to have the tracks simultaneous (all starting at 00:00), solo each of them when editing. And then use Step Export to export each of them. Disadvantage: all tracks have the same length, thus shorter ones have long silence at the end.

  2. What I tried then was to create ranges for each episode, keeping them in separate tracks, and export as timespans. As manifest from the image below, this arrangement demands lot of space both vertically and horizontally.

What is the recommended/proven setup here? Would one perhaps put all episodes into a single track, keeping them one after another, and use markers to navigate between them?


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That is how I would do it, but to be more specific I would use ranges. Define a range for each episode, and then you can Session>Export>Export to File[s] and then select the ranges under the Time Span to export. That way I could have all my processing on a single track for the source, and any mastering I needed to do would be on the master track, separating those two steps for me visually and from an organization standpoint.


I tried with ranges as you suggested, thank you. It is convenient for the export. I have now some inconvenience with navigating in time (I work in the frame of episode number + time within episode, not absolute time) and with edits in the middle of one episode propagating to all the next ones (ripple mode; range markers don’t move).

Can I somehow see time within the range markers? There is “Display delta to origin marker”, and I can move the session start marker manually, which is okay for working on one range, some manual work when moving between the tracks…

Could I make range markers stick to the regions, or make them move in ripple-edits? Probably not, as they are session-level, but asking anyway.

And then, more general question: could I see somewhere (perhaps next to the cursor or in a statusbar) timecode as I am moving mouse over the tracks, without yet moving the playhead or the edit cursor? Perhaps I am just used to CAD programs which always show cursor location in the model space as the mouse moves around.

BTW I am generally pretty astounded by Ardour’s ability and stability :pray: Big thanks to all developers and those patiently active on the forum here answering questions like this.

Does saving editor snapshots help to decrease the pain?

View → Editor views → Save View [n] with n = 1 to 12

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