edit regions

Hi happy Ardour 5.6 users!

Goal is to edit (remove noise between some notes and choose between different takes)
Sound is from 2 microphones

What is the simplest way to achieve the goal ?

Not sure if it’s possible, (if I record the 2 mics in a stereo track with PAN 100%L for mic 1 & 100%R for mic 2) to route the 2 channels to the same mono bus and then pan the signal e.g. 20%L and simultaneously to adjust the levels of the 2 mics

Not sure if it’s easy (if the 2 mics are recorded on 2 mono tracks) to edit the 2 tracks together. I mean without select the 2 tracks before any edit action (split, move…)

Is there somebody here that have already done that kind of work on regions?


Strato, to remove the sound I think you can split the part of the region you want to modify and apply a volume reduction (I don’t know if a noise reduction exist, maybe as plugin).

Thanks for your answer Tel;
By the way & if somebody search it, have found an easy way: record the 2 mics on a stereo track, do the edit and export the track with the option “make 2 mono files”. Then import in the session and mix it.
Thanks again

stratojaune: maybe a bit late for this time, but to edit two (or more) tracks together, you can add them to a group with the ‘Selection’ property active. Then, when you select a region on one track, corresponding regions on the other tracks in the group also become selected, and your edits will apply to all.

The manual has a page on groups: http://manual.ardour.org/working-with-tracks/track-and-bus-groups/

Many thanks colinf, have never used groups for anything else than e.g. paint all guit tracks in red, or mute all synths… For sure I will use that next time! You know what? Ardour R O C K S :wink: