Edit record during record (like Magix Samplitude)

I would like to replace Magix Samplitude on a live-recording of speech and some music (mostly speech). Well, to get the CD ready very shortly after the session, I would like to edit the record during the record (cut things like a cough away, normalize …).

Is this possibility given in Ardour? I have no Linux-System here to test it so that’s why I ask.

anxious to an answer

Ardours Editor is locked during recordings…

Pretending you only need to record a stereosignal, you could work around this like this:

record the Signal with qarecord into a Wavfile.
as maybe 10 mins are recorded you stop the recording, choose another filename and restart recording (should take about 2 seconds to do that)
then you can import the first file into Ardour and cut it the way you wish (while qarecord keeps recording the liveperformance)

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