Edit plugin information

Hi everyone,

is there a way to edit plugin information (like one would do with tags on mp3 files) in the plugin manager ? Many of them have weird names or an unknown category which makes it difficult to browse through them. I’m on a Mac by the way but I think it could interest Linux users as well.


no idea, but I second that motion!

It’s a good idea, maybe make a feature request?

Agreed, make a feature request in Mantis for this. No promises on when it will get done, but that way at least it doesn’t get lost.


I made a request on Mantis, sorry I read your post too fast. I guess the other topic can be removed now.

Maybe you don’t want to save that information in the plugins but in a portable database.
Every six months or so, Ubuntu people grab everything new from the repository, so if the plugin info was embedded in the plugins, it’s gone. A database in the home directory can easily be backed up.