Edit Export Format Profile on laptop

Hi All, I use Ardour with my laptop often which has a resolution of 1366 x 768. That resolution is OK so far, but with Ardour 6.x the ‘Export Format Profile’ - Window exceeds the height of my laptop screen and therefore the ‘Cancel’ and/or the ‘Save’ button can not be reached. Neither I can reduce the size of the window nor I can move the window further up to reach those buttons. This happens simply because in the ’ File format’ section now there is a new entry ‘MP3’ which is good, but enlarges this section. Is there a work around or is this considered a bug?
Thx for any help

Have you tried dragging the window with ALT pressed down on the keyboard ? You should be able to move the window this way. Just keep ALT pressed and left click on any part of the window and drag.

Hi Mikael, thanks for the Quick answer.
That does not work either. Ich kann move the Windows down until the Windows is almost vanished and right or left to the border, but not up. And to move it to another desktop is not possible also. I have to admit that the Laptop Display might not be the Best for revizing tracks, but when you’ re onthe road…

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