[EDIT] Cut region in regions, depending audio level (with an example).


This idea come from Fairlight audiostation : split a region in multiples regions depending a threshold.
Fade-in and fade-out time+form can be set.

An example with a tambourine :

Before :
After :

It will be great for speak cleaning, drums, etc.


Ardour 3 already has ‘strip silence’ as a tool, I think this will do what you want.


not exactly, ‘strip silence’ detects silence, not transients.

I’ve tried it with a snare recording, and I don’t think ‘strip silence’ is very good for your task, Wendy Umarov - or maybe it’s just not ready yet, you should try it when A3 comes out.


Well what was described is more about the silence than the transients, some things don’t have as much transients as snare does. For snare(And most percussive recordings with strong transients, speech doesn’t necessarily fall into this) recordings etc, you would want to use Rythm Ferret to detect and split on transients.