edit bar fixed to end marker in ardour ongoing

I just recompiled ardour-2.0-ongoing to enjoy a few bug fixes. But I have a little problem : the edit bar is sort of fixed to the location of the end-marker. If I move the latter, the edit bar moves along with it. Using the E key no longer changes the edit bar location to the mouse pointer. Did anyone notice this or is it part of some weird feature change ?

hallo, i cannot reproduce what you are reporting, the hole new edit-marker thing is working just great here and also pressing E will bring the edit marker to the desired position.
i could only guess: try removing your .ardour2 directory and start ardour again. this hint helped lot of times, so perhaps it will help one more time.


it worked! thanks for the tip :slight_smile:
but there is a change with previous versions : the edit bar comes with a marker of its own. In my current session, I have 6 markers + start and end. The edit bar comes with mark7. If I delete this marker, the edit bar is removed. If I press the E key, it comes back … but that’s ok. The “end” marker was truly a problem. Thanks again!


the new edit marker feature is very useful now, because every location marker can become a edit marker as soon as you click on it (mark it). this is really good!


OK, will be useful, I see that :slight_smile:

wait a sec. That’s not the end of it. The “paste at edit cursor” has disappeared from the context menu + the “region split” does not split the region at the edit cursor but a tiny bit after. Do you see that as well ?